Puzzle No. 112 : Yajisan Kazusan Invert-isan Clue-zusan [Worst title ever]

Right. 2nd puzzle of the day.

Btw, TVC XII this weekend. I may have well and truly screwed up chances of being 1st among Indians, but hey, some of the puzzles seem to have great potential and I look forward to a fun test.

IB and submission link for the test here.

Follow Yajisan Kazusan rules.

There’s one big difference. All the clues that are shaded MUST be true and all the clues that are unshaded MUST be false. The clue cell itself is not included in its clue-count. i.e. If there is a 3 pointing towards its right, for there to be three shaded cells to its right, this 3 must be shaded too. If its unshaded, there cannot be 3 shaded cells to its right.


Rated : Medium.

Solution here. Password – WT


Puzzle No. 112


Puzzle No. 111 : Two-pa

I did say I’d have two puzzles up today didn’t I? 😉 Nah, just kidding, I’ll have another one up in 4-5 hours I think, possibly later, but surely by the end of the day.

Anyway, Follow regular Tapa rules.

This puzzle has 2 solutions. The same clues cannot have the same behavior in both solutions. In multiple digit clue cells, it can be similar, for example the “3” of a “3-1” clue can be placed the same way, but at least the “1” will have to be different then.  The uniqueness of this puzzle lies in the fact that you get exactly one solution for each set of behaviors for the clues. As such, I’ve provided 2 different grids for solving.

Rated : Easy-ish.

Solution here. Password – TP


Puzzle No. 111

Non puzzle post – Random update

They say 111’s a superstitious number. It marks the first time I’ve had to give up a puzzle idea. Heh. Anyway, I’ll have two puzzles up sometime tomorrow as compensation. I could right now, but then I’ve barely caught a breath in the last few days.

Apparently I was misguided into giving an exam I wasn’t supposed to give, failed that one(thats the depression cause on the Heyasleep day), and then amidst the confusion found out I wasn’t supposed to give that one in the first place, and amidst more confusion, gave the actual exam I was supposed to give, and cleared that with 89 %.  Amidst still more confusion, I’ll have to give the 2nd exam of the series and fight for the right to give the 3rd one because I wasn’t supposed to give the one I failed in. Confusing? Thats the pure awesomeness of some of the stuff that happens to me. Its almost normal 😐

So yea, I’ll be taking some time off, watching some tv, playing some FIFA, and generally just goofing off for the next few hours before sleeping.

Cheers folks.

Puzzle No. 108-110 : Trickari

1. I was feeling I owed something after yesterday’s weak idea.

2. I honestly didn’t know which to choose from these.

3. I had a slight bit more time on my hands.

Whatever the reasons, hope you enjoy at least one of these :-s

Akari Rules.

I suppose all are rated around easy.

Solutions here. Password : TT

Puzzle No. 108 :

Here, the clues are kept outside the clue cell. Each number needs to occupy at least 1 black cell adjacent to it. Rules are otherwise unchanged. The “=”s mean those 2 clues will occupy two different adjacent clue cells and both be the same number.

Puzzle No. 108












Puzzle No. 109 : 

Rules : Every number is wrong and will be replaced by another number to solve the Akari puzzle. Even numbers can only be replaced by odd numbers and vice versa. Zero is considered even.

Puzzle No. 109












Puzzle No. 110 

Similar to above, except here there are clusters of clue cells that have to switch places. There are certain letters and every clue cell they can reach(touch diagonally or orthogonally by traveling through numbered cells only) is part of that letter, and can switch with the symmetrical cluster twin of that letter. I know this is complicated, I goofed a bit. But what this means is, e.g. the T on top left reaches those 4 cells around it, and in these 4 every even cell must switch with any odd cell in the T at the bottom right, and vice versa. The “2” to the right of the “I” cannot be reached by the “C” since there is No numbered cell in between and so isn’t part of the C cluster. The switch needn’t be 1 to 1. X take Y’s place, Y can take Z’s place, Z can take X’s place and so on. Only restriction is the place changing should be between the cluster twins only.

Puzzle No. 110

Puzzle No. 107 : Heyasleep

Yes, week title, I know thats not even how Heyawake is pronounced. Its probably a week continuation of the inversion series too. The title, because I can’t think of anything else except sleep right now. The week<actually non-existent> idea, because I’m utterly disconnected in everything after something thats occurred today. Apologies.

Anyhow, I still think its a pretty good puzzle.

Follow Heyawake rules.

Clues show number of cells in the region that are NOT shaded. (was thinking of making it unshaded groups, you know like 1-3-1 means 3 separated unshaded regions within a room of those lengths, but as said above, I don’t feel up to it. Will probably try it later if people think thats a good idea though)

Rated : Medium.

Solution here. Password – HF


Puzzle No. 107

Puzzle No. 106 : Nurika-wannabe

And the series continues. On a second opinion, puzzle’s fine. Thanks to Murat for confirming.

Anyway, follow regular Nurikabe rules.

Difference is, Every single clue is wrong, and has one and only one peer among the other clues of the grid. Once the clue and its peer switch places they will be correct clues. The “?” clue has no peer, and its length will be forced(this is mainly because I apparently don’t know what even numbers are). Same number clues cannot be peers of each other. e.g. the 2 8s below must each have some other number as their peer.

Rated : Easy-ish.

Solution here. Password – NW