Puzzle No. 370 : AntiDiagonal + Fortress Sudoku [Daily League]


Daily League PDF – Week 13.

A little announcement – Around a month or so ago, I was contacted by the people of Sportz Consult, a Sports Management Company that is interested in branching out to Intellectual games. The first such competition, Delhi Brain Games will be held in Delhi this Sunday, and a part of this event is the Solvathon (Instruction booklets available on that link, to those of you who are reading this, are new to puzzles in general, and have registered for the games, these booklets are highly descriptive of what you will be challenged with in the actual events). The Solvathon consists of an hour long Sudoku part and an hour long Puzzle part, and they wanted us (me and Rohan Rao) to provide puzzles for the event. We’ve also provided the material for the Mental Math event.

Since I’ve been busy with this, my exams and many other things, I’ve not been able to give time to posting about this earlier. However, I will say to Indian puzzle enthusiasts in general to watch out for more such events organized by Sportz Consult in the future.


Now, back to “business as usual”. Today’s Sudoku is a hybrid. It might be difficult simply based on the hybrid rules coming into play. Both the variants I chose are quite restrictive, but this is one of those where I was particularly adamant to make it work for some reason. In the end it turned out nice enough I think.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules.  Additionally, each of the main diagonals must contain exactly 3 distinct digits. Also, the digits in the shaded cells must be higher than their orthogonal neighbours.