Puzzle No. 337 : Galloping Horses Sudoku [Daily League]

Daily League update –

A date with 8 on Detuned Radio on Friday.

Ten Box Sudoku by Bram on Saturday.

Odd Sudoku by Kwaka on Sunday.

Diagonally Nonconsecutive Sudoku by Fred on Monday.

Week 8 PDF.

My Contribution for today is below. Its a Knight-step related variant where the rules might be difficult to grasp without looking at the illustrative picture.  Much thanks to Vladimir Portugalov (also for test solving), Fred Stalder and Karel Tesař for inputs about making the rules more understandable. Once the rules are understood I don’t think the puzzle is especially difficult.

Rules : Follow Regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, a digit in a shaded cell must repeat in all cells of any one line of Knight steps including the cell itself. The line of knight steps goes on until its stopped by the grid boundaries. The shaded cell can be at any position on this line.

E.g. The picture below shows what this means, without considering the Sudoku part of the rules. Basically, because the 9 is shaded, it means any one of those colors must all contain 9 (Either all red=9 or all blue=9 or all yellow=9 or all green=9).  Thats what “line of knight steps” means in this case.




Galloping Horses