Puzzle No. 187 : Kurodoko


Rules for Kurodoko.

Rated : Easy.


Puzzle No. 187


Puzzle No. 104 : Kurodoko

To the people who keep asking me to create a Sudoku: Its a doku, so I’m halfway there. The puzzle itself is not even close to a Sudoku though. I’ve seen this one first on … Am I gonna go through this again? It’s path to this blog is exactly the same as that of the Norinori post 5-6 puzzles ago. Mathgrant and Mokuani are awesome.

^^ Embarrassing mistake on the name. Guess we all learn from ignorance. 😛 I have somehow managed to solve about 40-50 of these taking the spelling for granted. Ah well.. Thanks to Mathgrant for pointing it out.

Rules for Kurodoko (A.K.A. Blackbarrier Jam under Mathgrant’s wonderful naming conventions).

Rated : Medium I suppose, even though I’ve messed it up a little.

Solution here. Password – KD


Puzzle No. 104