Puzzle No. 104 : Kurodoko

To the people who keep asking me to create a Sudoku: Its a doku, so I’m halfway there. The puzzle itself is not even close to a Sudoku though. I’ve seen this one first on … Am I gonna go through this again? It’s path to this blog is exactly the same as that of the Norinori post 5-6 puzzles ago. Mathgrant and Mokuani are awesome.

^^ Embarrassing mistake on the name. Guess we all learn from ignorance. 😛 I have somehow managed to solve about 40-50 of these taking the spelling for granted. Ah well.. Thanks to Mathgrant for pointing it out.

Rules for Kurodoko (A.K.A. Blackbarrier Jam under Mathgrant’s wonderful naming conventions).

Rated : Medium I suppose, even though I’ve messed it up a little.

Solution here. Password – KD


Puzzle No. 104




9 comments on “Puzzle No. 104 : Kurodoko

  1. Umm, Anuraag, another competition would indeed be nice but how is your comment relevant to this particular puzzle?

    I haven’t solved this yet but if I understood the rules correctly it’s a genre I like, it’s called “cave” in Turkish. Anyway, thanks for all the puzzles so far, Prasanna, keep up the good job!

      • Irrelevance guaranteed I suppose. Lets not turn this into a chat-room shall we? I’m actually kinda proud of my first Kurodoku and would like it to not be lost in random bickering. 🙂

        Thank you for the appreciation Murat.

        As for the Akari/Battleships thing,
        Such daily contests are difficult to organize. Since this was a first on LMI I believe its best to have a discussion about how everyone feels about this one once it gets over, and then think about others.

        That should cover it all.

  2. Indeed they are not easy to run at all.Your last masyu was intimidating.You should start a new type with a standard sized grid,so weak people like me can gather the courage to attempt.

    • You mean the variant in 105? Its easy enough, I only put a medium rating since its a first timer and will take some getting used to. I just prefer a 13×13 because 13’s my lucky number. 😛 a 33% increase in size shouldn’t make big changes to the logical implications of it.

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