Puzzle No. 295,296 : A Nurikabe Loop and a Point To Next Sudoku

Daily League Update

Killer pair by Fred yesterday.

Week 6 PDF.

The Point To Next below is my contribution for today. It might be tricky.

The Nurikabe Loop is just for the sake of it. Its not that tricky.

I’ll be sharing one of my puzzle sets tomorrow, so stay tuned 😛

Also, Puzzle Marathon 2013 is this weekend!

Rules –

For 295 : The numbers give the size of islands as in a Nurikabe puzzle. Instead of the stream being a wall of shaded cells, it is a continuous loop going through all cells except the ones with islands. The no 2×2 rule is waived.

For 296 : Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, if digit ‘n’ is placed in a cell with arrow, digit ‘n+1’ must be placed in one of the cells pointed by the arrow.







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