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This blog was started as a place to present my puzzles. Since I started it however, things have just snowballed, in a good way. I have been fortunate enough to  be a part of multiple puzzle projects be it in India or International, online or offline. Each time I added to my list of places to provide to, I had to give a little less time to this blog.

A similar scenario has come up now. Online puzzle solvers will mostly know by now that I am a contributing author for Grandmaster Puzzles.  If you like what we’re providing there, and feel like we deserve a little financial support, please do visit our patreon page and see if any of these nice added incentives are for you. This isn’t however, a reason for me to change things on the blog. On the contrary, it is more of a release for my usual content.

The major new development is that, in general, we in India want to bring the younger generation into puzzling. There’s many different little plans we’re toying around with, and through this there’s also a hope that beginners in other age categories will have a way to ease in too.

So what does that mean for this blog? Overall, not much. I’ll still be contributing to Championships and such here and there, so I’ll still be able to post those puzzle sets every now and then. I’ll also still be part of the Daily League project here. The one thing that changes is, I have no set schedule (as if I ever did, ha!) for posting original, non-Championship puzzles, and they will always be easy, with a few solving tips attached (kinda like when I started this blog, but hopefully a bit more polished and meaningful at this stage).

That’s about it. I might get the idea to bring Patreon here too later on, but only after I’ve settled into my new plans. No idea really when that will be. I meant to keep this short, but the one thing that Puzzlemasters have in common? We ramble.

Any queries, solutions, corrections can be sent to


Ya, thats my id.




you can add me and correspond at https://www.facebook.com/THE.PS18


I am now on twitter! Follow me @prasanna16391.

– PS.


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