Puzzle No. 494 : Inner Tripods Sudoku [Daily League] [Invasion]

Greetings from another universe! After the Prasanna from your universe wrote a contest for LMI based on a few variants from our universe, the Inter-Dimension Puzzle Wizard notified me of the same. I decided to launch a translation of your wacky variants and a clarification of what you call our normal variants, for the people of my universe who might want to solve these Sudokus. The Prasanna from your universe was kind enough to include this as a separate “TheirUniverse” PDF.

That gave me an idea that I should probably write a Sudoku for something, featuring another one of our variants that has the same name as one of yours. Me and the Prasanna of your universe went through the list of variants in my universe, and he liked our version of Tripod (Again, your version is so wacky, but interesting), so I wrote a Tripod that we decided to use for the Daily League!

Your universe’ Prasanna got a chuckle out of this fact, but in our universe, “almost” symmetric puzzles are considered as having better aesthetics than fully symmetric puzzles. Maybe someone is interested in this fact, and in the Sudoku I wrote.

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay.

Rules – Rules for Sudoku. Additionally, in the grid there are “tri-pods” with a “seat” and 3 “legs”. The seat, and the “feet” of the legs are denoted by dots. The “seat” of a tripod must have a digit thats greater than each of the “feet” but the sum of the “feet” must be greater than the “seat”. Digits can repeat in a Tripod.