Puzzle No. 509: Triomino Sudoku [Daily League]

I’ve got wayyy too much to do these days, so I’ve pretty much stopped any regularity on this blog. I might make the rare post though, like this one. I was a little bored of work and had some time so quickly explored this variant that’s part of the Indian Sudoku Championship which will be held online on LMI in about 13.5 hours. This one is pretty difficult (as are all variants I randomly and quickly post here when bored), but has some nice steps to get started.

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay (though I’m not yet sure if this one can be supported there, but take a leap of faith, maybe it will be!).

Rules – Place a digit from 1 to 6 into each empty cell or blacken the cell so that each digit appears exactly once in every row, column, and outlined 3×3 region along with three black(shaded) cells. Each black(shaded) cell should be part of an orthogonally connected group of three blackened(shaded) cells (a triomino). No two triominoes can share an edge.




Puzzle No. 508: Palindrome Sudoku [Daily League]

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. The numbers formed by the digits on the gray lines are palindromes, that is to say, they can be read equally in both directions.



Puzzle No. 500 – 9 Shady Masterminds [Special] [Marathon]

I thought quite a bit about what I wanted for my 500th puzzle here. There was a stage when I thought I’d just ignore the milestone and post something normal. Then I got a bit of an idea of a simple theme which might still give out a nice solve path with different logical deductions combining.

The puzzle that resulted from this idea is pretty narrow and quite difficult, according to my and Swaroop‘s test solving experiences. Still, I think its ended up being quite varied in the thinking required and I like how it turned out.

Unlike my usual approach of posting a single image, for this puzzle I am attaching a PDF instead. This PDF has 4 pages. The first page contains the puzzle. The 2nd and 3rd pages contain the rules (The length is just because there are 9 different puzzles to cover, but most of them are familiar and should just be a quick read-through). There are two newer puzzle types, and one variant which I couldn’t immediately find an example for, so I have added 6×6 examples for these three rule-sets. The remaining are all classics, so I’ve just linked to the respective page where I got the rules from, and you can visit these links if you want an example. If you are new here and haven’t seen those sites before, I suggest visiting them anyway for more great puzzles.

Here’s the PDF:

9 Shady Masterminds

Please let me know in the comments or by mail (prasanna16391@gmail.com) if you have any queries regarding the rules or any other issues.

Announcement: Indian Puzzle Championship 2014 on May 25th

The Indian Puzzle Championship will be held on Logic Masters India this Sunday at 14:00 IST. I won last year’s edition, and went on to be the highest ranked Indian at the WPC, which gives me a wildcard into this year’s Indian team. Therefore, I decided to step back into organizing, and have collaborated with some fine International authors to prepare what I think is a really fun Puzzle set for the Competition.

So I’d encourage all Indians reading this post to participate in this Championship. Please note that for Indians, it is a limited time-slot to participate, as only submissions before 16:45 IST will be considered for official scoring. The top 3 from this competition will be invited to join me in the Indian Puzzle team for the World Championships this year, and the winner of the competition will be the Indian Puzzle Champion for the year 2014. You can check the relevant discussion thread for practice links and other information.

The competition will be open after official time, for International competitors to enjoy the puzzles.

All the best to everyone participating!

Puzzle No. 495 : Arrow Sudoku [Daily League]

Update: Puzzle had 2 solutions. Fixed now. Apologies.

Just about got in a Wednesday post.

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, the number in a circle is the sum of the digits which are covered by its arrow. For circles with multiple arrows, apply the rule for each arrow separately, where some arrows can have some cells in common. (e.g., 1-2-3 and 1-2-1-2 are valid sums for a 6 in a circle, with the starting 1-2 being common).




Update – Parallel Universe II – Inversion Invasion

So just a quick update for those of you who haven’t seen it yet – My second contest in two weeks at Logic Masters India. Last weekend it was Parallel Universe, the Sudoku Contest. This weekend its Parallel Universe II – Inversion Invasion, the Puzzle Contest. You can participate anytime within the next 40 hours (ends at 4/29/2014 5:29:59 AM local time | 4/28/2014 11:59:59 PM GMT).

Btw, the other Universe’s Prasanna prepared some PracticeFromTheirPSv1 (These are the same as the ones on LMI). He told me they are prepared in a rush so he didn’t have time to work up almost-symmetry in a lot of them. Even so, I think they’re good for practice of the newer types.

Puzzle No. 494 : Inner Tripods Sudoku [Daily League] [Invasion]

Greetings from another universe! After the Prasanna from your universe wrote a contest for LMI based on a few variants from our universe, the Inter-Dimension Puzzle Wizard notified me of the same. I decided to launch a translation of your wacky variants and a clarification of what you call our normal variants, for the people of my universe who might want to solve these Sudokus. The Prasanna from your universe was kind enough to include this as a separate “TheirUniverse” PDF.

That gave me an idea that I should probably write a Sudoku for something, featuring another one of our variants that has the same name as one of yours. Me and the Prasanna of your universe went through the list of variants in my universe, and he liked our version of Tripod (Again, your version is so wacky, but interesting), so I wrote a Tripod that we decided to use for the Daily League!

Your universe’ Prasanna got a chuckle out of this fact, but in our universe, “almost” symmetric puzzles are considered as having better aesthetics than fully symmetric puzzles. Maybe someone is interested in this fact, and in the Sudoku I wrote.

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay.

Rules – Rules for Sudoku. Additionally, in the grid there are “tri-pods” with a “seat” and 3 “legs”. The seat, and the “feet” of the legs are denoted by dots. The “seat” of a tripod must have a digit thats greater than each of the “feet” but the sum of the “feet” must be greater than the “seat”. Digits can repeat in a Tripod.




Puzzle No. 493 : Maxi Loop + LMI Patreon Update

Hello, dearest readers! Its… been a while. Sorry about that. I feel I’ll have more time for this place come May. For now, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Logic Masters India has started its own Patronage system. Please check out our page on Patreon and on LMI itself. The Puzzle pack rewards are currently all written by me, but future ones will definitely have other Indian authors involved too. If you like the hosting features LMI has to offer and/or find the rewards enticing enough, please consider supporting us. I’ve taken up a few things on behalf of LMI here in India, all towards making our group more recognized in the country. Funding certainly helps this.

Anyway, I feel a little bad that I’m only making a blog post when I want to promote something, so here’s a Maxi Loop puzzle to go along with it. I hope you enjoy it!

Rules for Maxi Loop.

Rated – Easy with a slight pause.




Puzzle No. 490 : Descriptive Pairs Sudoku [Daily League]

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I fell ill and didn’t access the internet at all (which folks who know me should realize is a really big deal!).

Anyway, I’ll probably edit this post later with PDFs, but for now, just hurrying through the post.

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay (though I’m not certain whether this is too late to be put up today).

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, for every pair of outside clues X and Y, at least one of these cases is true :

1) X is in the Yth position in that direction.

2) Y is in the Xth position in that direction.



Puzzle no. 489 : Thermo Sudoku [Daily League]

Check this post for reference on this blog’s 3 main types of posts from now on.

First, PDFs!

The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentleman_week04_2014

The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentleman_week05_2014

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay.

This is also Ex-Championship but, I changed it a little to make it easier for the Championship. This is the original hard version. There’s a few challenging spots.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, some thermometer shapes are in the grid; digits must be strictly increasing from the round bulb to the flat end.

Rated – Hard.