Puzzle No. 501 & 502 – Killer Sudoku & Extra Region Sudoku [Daily League]

Now that I’ve posted my 500th puzzle, I am sharing the Sudoku I contributed to the Daily League last Saturday, along with the Sudoku I’m contributing for it today. I didn’t post the Killer last week on my blog because I wanted the space saved for the special puzzle.

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay.

Common Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules.

For Killer The number in the top-left corner of a dotted cage is equal to the sum of this cage’s digits. No digit can repeat within a cage.

For Extra Regions – Each group of nine grey cells must also contain the digits 1 to 9.



P501 – Killer Sudoku


P502 – Extra Region Sudoku


Puzzle No. 500 – 9 Shady Masterminds [Special] [Marathon]

I thought quite a bit about what I wanted for my 500th puzzle here. There was a stage when I thought I’d just ignore the milestone and post something normal. Then I got a bit of an idea of a simple theme which might still give out a nice solve path with different logical deductions combining.

The puzzle that resulted from this idea is pretty narrow and quite difficult, according to my and Swaroop‘s test solving experiences. Still, I think its ended up being quite varied in the thinking required and I like how it turned out.

Unlike my usual approach of posting a single image, for this puzzle I am attaching a PDF instead. This PDF has 4 pages. The first page contains the puzzle. The 2nd and 3rd pages contain the rules (The length is just because there are 9 different puzzles to cover, but most of them are familiar and should just be a quick read-through). There are two newer puzzle types, and one variant which I couldn’t immediately find an example for, so I have added 6×6 examples for these three rule-sets. The remaining are all classics, so I’ve just linked to the respective page where I got the rules from, and you can visit these links if you want an example. If you are new here and haven’t seen those sites before, I suggest visiting them anyway for more great puzzles.

Here’s the PDF:

9 Shady Masterminds

Please let me know in the comments or by mail (prasanna16391@gmail.com) if you have any queries regarding the rules or any other issues.