Puzzle No. 376 : All Even or All Odd Sudoku [Daily League]


Its been a mad, fun, exhausting 2 days. One evening with Manchester United Fan Club Mumbai at a screening of Sir Alex’s last home game in charge and also the trophy presentation. Full of mixed emotions but we made the most of enjoying the occasion. A day later, I was at the Wankhede stadium within shouting distance of the Hyderabad entrance, watching Pollard go on that six hitting spree in the IPL.

Anyway, back to today. You can download the league’s Week 16 PDF and Week 17 PDF.

Today’s Sudoku is pretty easy considering the things that can be done with this variant, but may still be a little challenging for first timers.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku Rules. Additionally, in each 3×3 box, the shaded cells must be of the same parity, i.e., either they must all contain even digits or they must all contain odd digits.