Puzzle No. 26 : Castle Wall

Happy Republic Day to all Indians 🙂 Bit of a history lesson in the puzzle 😛 Happy Australia day too, I was embarrassingly ignorant of the existence of this day till Alan Wilkins mentioned it in the wonderful match between Rafa and Roger that just finished. This match is, I believe, a valid excuse for posting today’s puzzle so late, I couldn’t take my eyes of the telly!

Anyway, this is a Castle Wall puzzle.

Rated :  Medium. Solution here. Password : RD. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 26


Puzzle No. 11 : Yajilin-Castle Wall Outside Clues

The past 2 days I’ve made some silly errors while posting. The last time I did this was Puzzle 5 after which I was able to post one of my best creations as Puzzle 6. Here’s hoping that this puzzle has the same effect. I’ve double and triple checked it 😛  Now, to the puzzle.

First of all, Castle Wall is a puzzle original to Mellow Melon’s blog(due credit and all 😉 ).

This is a YajilinCastle Wall  Outside clues puzzle. Click on each of the names to know their basic rules. The Yajilin part includes shading some cells so that the rest are all used in a continuous loop, and the Castle Wall part includes information about the total length of horizontal segments in a row or the total length of vertical segments in a column. The Yajilin clues are given on the left and the top, and the Castle wall clues are given on the right and bottom. Since its all outside, the inside/outside rules of castle wall don’t come into play here of course.

Now second of all, the inspiration for this puzzle comes from this post on Tom C’s blog.

 Rated : Definitely Hard. Solving hints added. Password – YCW. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 11