Puzzle No. 315 : Creeky LITS?

Daily League Update –

A Renban Groups Sudoku with a slightly different perspective by Bastien on Wednesday.

An odd-even Chessdoku by Rishi on Thursday.

About today’s puzzle, its one of those cases where I’m thinking “Oh I wanna do this today, no, I wanna do that today, well I’ll just do both”. I’ve wanted to do a regionless LITS variant for a while now but haven’t been particularly happy with any of the choices I came up with. I’ve also wanted to do a Creek puzzle for a while because I really like these from what I’ve solved of them. Joining both together makes for a lot of rules, which, apart from the top right area, is the trickiest aspect of this puzzle so be sure to keep all of them in mind while solving 😉

Rules for Creek. Additionally, the white area has the following constraints –

1. A 2×2 area of cells cannot all be white.

2. The white area must all be tiled with tetrominos of different shapes and as in a LITS puzzle, same shapes cannot touch each other orthogonally.