Puzzle No. 460, 461 : Breakpoints, Gemini Loop

Sorry about the week long absence, dear readers, just a badly hectic schedule. Everything hopefully back to normal now. There’s still a few WPC practice puzzles left. I’ll go two at a time from here.

I hope you checked out the Beginners’ Puzzle Contest I organized and authored on LMI. This coming weekend, there’s the Screen Test #4, which also, I have authored. For any Bangalore residents (or anyone in that area around that time), the Bengaluru Brain Games shall held be this weekend. Me and Rohan are organizing the Puzzle and Sudoku events here, as always. (I think this last paragraph speaks for itself about the week long absence)

Anyway, today’s puzzles, are two loop puzzles.  I think the Gemini loop has a nice opening. Other than that, nothing too challenging, but ok enough for practice.

Rules –

P460 – Draw a single, non-intersecting loop that passes through all cells. Numbers in the grid indicate how many times the loop makes a 90 degrees turn in the cells surrounding that number.

P461 – Draw a single closed loop that consists of horizontal and vertical segments and visits every cell exactly once. Cells with identical letters contain identical loop segments, cells with different letters have different loop segments. The direction of the loop is not considered, in other words the loop may go through cells with identical letters from left to right the first time and from right to left another time.

(Rules are as they were in the WPC Instruction Booklet, Breakpoints was in Round 9, Assorted Puzzles and Gemini Loop was in Round 4, Dutch Delight)