Puzzle No. 268, 269 : A Windoku and a Windokabe

This is a continuation of the Daily League on facebook, that has a new and improved name now – League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen 🙂 . After my Palindrome Sudoku, there was a Thermo Sudoku by Seungjae Kwak to end week 1. Since Kwaka has no blog of his own, at this point you have two options.

1) Wait for the pdf we will release with all the week’s Sudokus in it.

2) Visit the facebook group, of course.

Earlier today was the start of week 2, and its started of nicely with a Clone Sudoku by Fred Stalder that can be seen here. I will, henceforth, be providing daily league updates so you know the variants on each specific day and how best to reach them.

I have taken Tuesday, so this Windoku is part of that, I am posting it early as I’m a bit unwell so I’ll probably be away resting later on. The Windoku is probably on the easy side, and the puzzle variant is easy too.

For 268 : Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, the shaded 3×3 boxes must also contain the digits 1-9.

For 269 : Follow regular Nurikabe rules. Additionally, if two cells in the same row/column are in the same position of their respective boxes, they must both be different (i.e. one stream and one island). e.g. In the puzzle below, R2C4 and R2C9 are 2 such cells, as they are the top right corner of their respective boxes and in the same row.