Puzzle No. 270,271 : A Copy Sudoku and a Copy Heyawacky

Firstly, a daily league update :

Yesterday was Bastien‘s day, and he provided quite an amazing Arrow Sudoku for us to solve. Unfortunately, I got inadvertently lucky, and had an unbelievable time on it. But I’ll take it 😛 This Arrow Sudoku is difficult but comes highly recommended from our group as an excellent logical construction.

Today is Rishi‘s day and he’s posted a No Donkey Step Sudoku a while back. I’ve not yet solved it, but I’m sure it’ll continue the all round high quality of the league so far. Do check out those blog links and/or our facebook group to know more/contribute yourself either in solving or constructing.

Now, back to today’s post. I’ve had continual health issues, and couple that with working on a few sets, I haven’t had much time for posting here. I still want to keep the series going, so two easy ones today, but I tried to use the variation as much as I could.

Now these might just as well have been called Clone Sudoku but I like the name Copy, and also I like cages for solving convenience in the puzzle. Its been suggested to me to make the cages of different pairs into different colors but that might take a while doing, so if anyone else wants that feel free to ask and I’ll provide it in time.

For 270 : Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, the same shape cages are copies of each other and must contain the same digits in the same positions (no rotations/reflections)

For 271 :  Follow regular Heyawacky rules. Additionally the same shape cages are copies of each other and if a position is shaded in one it has to be shaded in the other too (no rotations/reflections)