Puzzle No. 145 : Tapa

Yes yes I know, Tapa was there recently too. Thing is I’m in a hurry today, I’ve to go to the Manchester derby screening, which is gonna be mental! So erm.. this.

 Rules for Tapa.

Rated : Easy.


Puzzle No. 145


By Prasanna Seshadri Posted in Easy, Tapa

Puzzle No. 142 : Country Road

Firstly, I apologize for the unprecedented double delay. Truth is, I’ve been trying to make a certain type of puzzle with a certain type of layout, and I’ve just not been able to make it work! So today I decided to give that up for now, provide some solid puzzles for now and try it again later when I get time.

So this is… not my first country Road puzzle! 😛 I made an easy one for the publishers already. Anyway, this one’s certainly not easy.

 Rules for Country Road

Rated : Hard for the first timer(as far as this blog goes anyway)


Puzzle No. 142


Something bad, something good

Right then I’ll start with the bad, which is, on a day where I planned to make puzzles galore, I got about 3 sudden plans  with friends/others and ended up not really doing much 😐 So, whats becoming the norm these days, no puzzle today, 2 tomorrow.

Now to the good. The newspaper thats publishing my puzzles has released! The first edition features a Nurikabe in the “Simple logic” section on page 16. The simple logic section is, I assume, mine and will feature a wide array of puzzle genres that haven’t really hit the mainstream in India.

You can find that issue here, and the main link of the site to subscribe/follow is here. Note that these puzzles will all be of an easy difficulty rating for any WPC level players.  Any readers of the blog from Pune can surely find out if they can get their hands on the paper itself 🙂

So, apologies for the puzzle-less day, and thanks again to team Life-365 🙂

Puzzle No. 139 and 140 : Nurikabe, Heyawacky

The Nurikabe’s probably not as hard as my last Nurikabe and the Heyawacky’s not as wacky as my last Heyawacky, but I’m still quite pleased with these.

My exams are over… and I have a hundred things to do :-s Meh. Anyway,

Puzzle No. 139 :

Rules for Nurikabe.

Rated : Hard I suppose.

Puzzle No. 140 :

Rules for Heyawacky.

Rated : Really really Hard. You will mostly require T&E to get the 5 room’s configuration, but the rest of the logic is pretty great, so for those wishing to avoid the T&E part(well duh), highlight the following to make it more doable – R4C3 is white.


Puzzle No. 139

Puzzle No. 140


Tomorrow my exams get over, which means 3 things.

1. No puzzle today, 2 tomorrow.

2. I have about a 100 things that I’ve put off till now which I’ll have to get to one by one 😐

3. I forgot what 3 is. I might update if I remember, but who cares eh?