Puzzle No. 60 : Devil’s Paradise

You’ll find out what mood I’m in when you read the rules and further(skip to the “actual rules” if you want). Reason? After all the hectic crap over the month of Feb, the college work is still not done, and its ended up in a situation where I’ve to spend hours in college on my birthday(Friday). All for a pointless 5 marks. I might just rant about this later after I’m free from the University’s hold.

Devil’s Paradise description :

The grid is a minefield. A snake and some people(the letters) are within the minefield. There’s just one path that doesn’t have mines which the snake has to follow, eat all it’s prey in alphabetical order, and then end up dying itself at a dead end facing mines. The prey can’t move as they know the whole place is covered in mines. Duh.

Actual rules : 

In other words, the head of the snake is given(black circle) and it just keeps going, crossing each letter alphabetically till it can’t go further, and whichever cells it doesn’t occupy are mines.  The numbers are taken as cells where neither mines nor snake can be. The numbers indicate how many mines are there in the 8 surrounding cells. This is Tapa-like, where 2 numbers mean there must be some part of the snake separating the 2 groups of mines. A “?” indicates any number, and a “=-=” indicates that the two groups of mines are of the same number. Snake can’t touch itself even diagonally.

 Rated : Medium. String of letters used : “ACJLMRSU”

Solution here. Password – DP


Puzzle No. 60


Puzzle No. 59 : LITS

As you may have seen, the last 2 days I’ve been in more of a rush than usual. Today’s no different. Anyway, wishing a very happy birthday to Tejal Phatak!

I wasn’t planning to theme this on that, and I guess it barely looks like ” HB TP” anyway, but my brain was blank for ideas today and this worked to get me started on something at least.

So, erm anyway,

Rules for LITS.

Rated : Easy. Ignore the coloring.

Solution here. Password – TL


Puzzle No. 59

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Puzzle No. 57 : Corral

Because of the fact that I’m totally exhausted and purely running on adrenaline with about 2 hours of college work remaining ahead of me, I dashed the symmetry, made a few quick fixes and all in all, probably not one of the best examples of my creative abilities. However, fortunately, I think most of the intended solving path still remains, though you can fill in some independently in other areas. How about starting at the top left and not looking at the other corners till you get there though? 🙂

Rules for Corral.

Rated : Medium.

Solution here. Password – SC


Puzzle No. 57