Puzzle No. 56 : Masyu

Yay, did it on time!

Rules for Masyu.

Rated : Hard.

Solution here. Password : MS


Puzzle No. 56

By Prasanna Seshadri Posted in Hard, Masyu

2 comments on “Puzzle No. 56 : Masyu

  1. Very nice, Definiteky a few pause and think moments in the middle. After some of that got worked out and then even numbers were forced globally in regions, it flew from middle to end. So, maybe my “middle” was your “end”. Hard to define :hard,” Well considered construction. FYI … I ignored a lack of uniqueness issue in top left and stuck to the solve path I assume you expected. Just pointing it out though.



    • Hmm, well, its definitely my hardest one so far, so I guess I’ll change the rating at least until I come up with something better 😛
      Lack of uniqueness? I’m pretty sure thats not the case, its quite smooth around the top left as per my test solve(at least, once you get around that bunch of 3 blacks and 2 whites in that 3×3 space around R4C6, and the extreme left closing of loops), big thinking points being around the top right. Anyway, I’ll put up the solution in around 3 hours time, you can let me know after seeing that.

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