Puzzle No. 313 : Knapp Daneben Tapa (Birthday Special)

Puzzle Marathon has now begun, and the Daily League Sudokus will now be available to solve on an online interface on Sudokucup. But, today’s not about all that 😉 Today’s about me being depressed that I’ve become one year older. And for that, here is a huge puzzle. Its the season for those after all, right?

Rules for Tapa. Additionally, all given clue numbers are either one more of one less than they should be. Therefore a 1 can mean a zero.

I have also put this into a PDF form, for those of you who find that more convenient.


P313 PDF




Puzzle No. 62-82 : My birthday puzzles!

Because, even though I’m gonna be stuck in college on my birthday, doesn’t mean all of you shouldn’t enjoy yourselves. The regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve been struggling to even put up a single puzzle on most days. So in preparing this, obviously most would be easy, and some of them may even fall under the category of “Evil Zingers”. However, I do think quite a few of them are fun, and the last one is probably one of my best. Heh, anyway, you decide.

This set features my first attempt at a Liar Loop, and a non-variant Slalom. 🙂

Birthday Puzzles

Birthday Puzzles Solutions

That should do for today’s puzzle post I suppose. Enjoy!

Update : Apparently the PDF is crashing for some people. The error is for some reason that it requires a Japanese Fonts plug in. For what its worth, I downloaded the same and its completely fine. But of course, you may want an alternative, so I’m uploading just the PNG formats of all puzzles in the rar file, with a txt file for the rules and descriptions. The solutions PDF is fine I suppose.


Hope that fixes any issues. 🙂