Photo A Day Experiment

Update : PADE is over. It was a fun month. All 31 puzzles are present on the PADE in Action page. Also, at the end of this post is a wonderful photo made by Punit, one of the participants in PADE, having a little bit of all of us in it.

I recently became a member of Indiblogger, to connect with other bloggers and create more awareness about the puzzles we know and love. Along the way, I’ve seen that Indiblogger members regularly organize contests. Since Puzzle blogging is a rare area of blogging, these contests were never the type I could get involved in. The latest one however, got me thinking. The participants are supposed to post a photo a day, based on a certain theme for the day, decided by the contest organizers. Its meant mainly as a photography contest, but I suppose some of you can see where I’m going with this already.

I really want to involve new audiences into puzzles. So, I talked to the organizers about my idea, and they were excited about it too. Instead of photo a day, I shall try to post a puzzle a day based on the theme decided by the contest organizers. Since my general audience is, I think, WPC level solvers, I feel I should add a few notes –

1. Since this involvement from me is largely based on including a new audience, I will try to make these puzzles quite easy.

2. Since there are many many other events going on simultaneously, including the IPC and perhaps after that, the National Sudoku Championship too, I’ll be a bit short for time for this. Hence, the themes may be a bit weak/rushed, but I promise to try my best, and request you to bear with me on that end.

3. This is NOT going to be just a bunch of twisty variants/new inventions. If the theme of the day suits a classic puzzle, I’ll go for it. If the theme of the day suits a twisted variant, I’ll still try my best to keep the rules easy.

So, as you can see, there’s many restrictions to implementing this, but I’m excited about the idea nonetheless. The contest dates are the entire month of July. Along with this page, I have also added a “PADE in Action” page, which will be the place where I post the puzzles through July. This is done mainly because I’ll be planning IPC related posts/previews and practice too simultaneously, not to mention my usual Daily League commitments, so I didn’t want to crowd it all into the regular blog content. I’ll just go on adding to the page as the days pass by.

PADE Participants Collage –



3 comments on “Photo A Day Experiment

  1. Awesome initiative Prasanna, I think photo a day experiment (PADE) will be more fun to have a puzzle around it, we (the hosts and other participants) get to exercise our brains too!

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