Puzzle No. 49 : Loop The Loops

I usually love “?” clues. E.g. In previous Corrals and Nurikabe, they played a good part in the puzzle solve too while not giving away too much. The use of “?”s in this one is simply accidental, and I don’t really like it, but I needed the appearance to work and just thought of omitting useless clues.

A certain someone wanted a butterfly pattern today, and this is simply the best I could come up with within my time constraints. But, I can tell you, rather luckily, without hindering the solve much, and to make the “?”s not go completely wasted(though you can very much solve this without them!), that all of them are used. i.e. “?” not equal to 0.

You can refer to my earlier post for the rules here.

Rated : Was supposed to be easy, but I think I’ve just about gone to medium unintentionally. Find out for yourself.

Solution here. Password – LL


Puzzle No. 49


Puzzle No. 18 : Loop the Loops Practice Puzzle 1

As said in yesterday’s announcement, I made 2 practice puzzles as I’d never made a puzzle of this type before. It was actually Rohan’s idea,  one that I thank him for, and if you enjoy these you should thank him too 😛

This is a Loop the Loops puzzle, the rules of which are, as taken from here :
Draw a single closed loop by connecting neighboring dots horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally).

Some numbers appear in the grid as clues; as in a Slitherlink/Fences puzzle, a numbered square indicates exactly how many of its four edges are used by the loop.

Some circles (either white or black) also appear in the grid as clues; as in a Masyu puzzle, the loop must pass through all of these circles. When passing through a black circle, the path must make a 90 degree turn and extend at least two dots in both directions. When passing through a white circle, the path must go straight and must turn at at least one of the adjacent dots.

Rated : Probably Easy-ish by LMI test standards, Medium by this blog’s standards. Solution for this and Puzzle 19 added. It has both solutions so only see once you’ve tried both! Password – PP12. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 18