Puzzle No. 18 : Loop the Loops Practice Puzzle 1

As said in yesterday’s announcement, I made 2 practice puzzles as I’d never made a puzzle of this type before. It was actually Rohan’s idea,  one that I thank him for, and if you enjoy these you should thank him too 😛

This is a Loop the Loops puzzle, the rules of which are, as taken from here :
Draw a single closed loop by connecting neighboring dots horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally).

Some numbers appear in the grid as clues; as in a Slitherlink/Fences puzzle, a numbered square indicates exactly how many of its four edges are used by the loop.

Some circles (either white or black) also appear in the grid as clues; as in a Masyu puzzle, the loop must pass through all of these circles. When passing through a black circle, the path must make a 90 degree turn and extend at least two dots in both directions. When passing through a white circle, the path must go straight and must turn at at least one of the adjacent dots.

Rated : Probably Easy-ish by LMI test standards, Medium by this blog’s standards. Solution for this and Puzzle 19 added. It has both solutions so only see once you’ve tried both! Password – PP12. Enjoy!

Puzzle No. 18


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