24 Hour Puzzle Championship Set

I think I’ve mentioned before, but I’ll do a brief summary again. I actually planned to start contributing to this Championship from next year. This was simply due to two reasons –

1. I was quite busy, what with authoring an LMI test just before the World Championships, and then preparing for the Championships.

2. Since I only started creating this year, I haven’t really created many of the broad categories yet, Latin Square types being one.

But then, Deb suggested we can just combine our preferred puzzles and put together a set from India. So the plan was, he’d work on his half while I was in Croatia and I’ll work on mine once the Championships were over. But then, I rarely do start things on time, so obviously, I hadn’t even thought in detail of the types I’d create till one day after my return to India. So my half was pretty rushed, and I was pretty relieved when I got things done.

I’ve released the entire set, out of which 13 puzzles are mine and 11 are Deb’s. I think its pretty obvious barring 1 or 2 exceptions the author of each individual puzzle. The Puzzles obviously have no issues, but the IB example of Domino Loop does have 2 solutions which was missed until later on, as is the case sometimes with IB examples. If at all you want to play “guess the author” for the sake of it, you can mail me at bimbimbong@yahoo.co.in to clarify the guesses. 😀

So anyway, here’s the set.