Puzzle No. 239, 240 : Killer Nurikabe

Edit – Puzzle 239 has been fixed. Apologies.

The 2nd one of these might be really tough. The first one is around a medium difficulty for starters. Bram tested these and noted that a 12 would make the solve slightly more interesting towards the end than the 13 in the first one, and I agree with him, I just didn’t notice it before, so leaving it unchanged. The 2nd would require a good read of the rules to solve I think.

Rules – Follow regular Nurikabe rules, except that there can now be islands without given numbers. The number in the top left of a  cage gives the sum of the sizes of the islands whose parts are contained in the cage. Every cage must have at least 2 different islands’ parts (not 2 parts from the same island) contained in it.