Puzzle No. 163, 164 : More LMI Practice Puzzles

Right, so I finally got the No Numbers Loop working, I think. After taking 2-3 opinions, I do believe its fine, but to be completely honest you can never be sure of this type. I like all the other innovative rules, but I find this one a bit tiresome. The puzzle idea is great, and would probably be fun, but 10 different numbers with different orientations gives 70+ patterns to keep track of which is just way too much IMO.  You can always end up missing a number in some small area. But, I’m as sure as one can be that this one’s fine. Should do for practice anyway.

The second puzzle is another “It’s Yours”. I just thought the first one was a bit too easy. Not that this one’s overly difficult, but I suppose it’d make you think a little bit more than the previous one.

Puzzle No. 163 : No Numbers Loop.

Rules – Draw a closed loop in the grid. The loop can cross itself but otherwise never visits any point twice. in any two adjacent squares, the line segments of the loop cannot form a number in ANY orientation, i.e., even with rotation and reflection. Numbers outside the grid show the number of crossings made by the loop that exist in that direction. Some parts of the loop are already drawn, and the loop can’t go through places marked with ‘X’. The numbers in their natural orientations are listed above the grid.

Puzzle No. 163












Puzzle No. 164 : It’s Yours.

Rules – Put some pairs of Polyminos in the grid such that every polymino has one clue inside it. The clue in one polymino shows the exact shape without rotation or reflection of the other polymino that forms the pair. The polyminos forming a pair must touch each other orthogonally and cannot touch other pairs of polyminos.

Puzzle No. 164