Puzzle No. 338 : Weighted Killer [Daily League]

I’ve fallen into an annoying illness over the past week, so I’ve just taken a week off from most places, including posting here. I’ll hopefully resume from now, but with a lesser frequency till I become completely fine. Here’s a Weighted Killer for the daily league. I’m now aware of a little difference when I approach Sum/math related Sudoku types. The little difference is I always finish them off quickly, and then they turn out harder than expected. This is spread across other genres too, but in this particular category it seems much more pronounced.

Anyway, this one has a few tricky deductions midway but otherwise its not what I would call hard (although the rules of the type in themselves dictate a hard path at most times).

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. The number given at the top left of each cage is the sum of all digits in white cells plus double of the sum of all digits in gray cells inside that cage. No digit is repeated inside a cage.