Quick Update on the way back from the World Championships

After a day with some unexpectedly pleasant happenings in Zagreb, I am now in Doha in what looks to be a great hotel, ready for a 20 hour stopover till tomorrow night when I get the flight to India. So any further updates/puzzle uploads shall come only on 10th, even though the Championships were over 2 days ago of course.

Puzzle Related Announcements – Borders & Beyond has started!

Well, this post is a bit more than just that announcement. But anyway, I’ll link you to that first, and then move on to other things. I’ve scheduled this to be posted around the time the test starts but its the first time I’m scheduling a post so, if there’s a mismatch, blame it on wordpress. 😛

Submission link (with IB download link on the page).

Discussion thread.

All the best to all, and hope you all enjoy the puzzles.

Now to the other things. Nothing major, just a basic summary of the year. I’m pretty certain I won’t have time to stop and reflect later on as I create puzzles far too frequently to allow for thinking time (Just ask the people who test my puzzles so efficiently Murat, Bram, and at times Tom. Well, mainly Murat coz he’s the fellow who solves all the easy newspaper puzzles quickly, he’s kinda online a lot 😛 ). I have the newspaper puzzles due every 10 days(I batch together my 1 puzzle per day agreement) so I thought I’d sneak in a week of inactivity in the lead up to my test, with the promise of course that you shall anyway be treated to 20 of my puzzles over the weekend. While inactive, I want to summarize the last year, because, well, even the folks who generally don’t have decided to open up recently and I’m supposed to be an open book anyway!

Lets start all the way back in November. I personally think I got lucky, since a few top players didn’t participate in the Indian Sudoku Championship, and then another 2 sat out, and my 6th place was enough to get me into the team to go to the World Championships. Only after I was in Eger was I truly exposed to the different variants, Sudoku and puzzles (I used to think the “new types” of the ISC/IPC itself were beyond me and restrict myself to the known types, and that was somehow enough).

So anyway, that experience in Eger (including all the friends I made there 😉 ) was a kind of wake up call that hey, I got so far knowing such a small number of puzzles, maybe I can really improve. So the one major goal from then on was to get to Croatia 2012(I’ve covered the fact that I’ve achieved that extensively here already, so not focusing on that), and from then on started a crazy rush of puzzle solving through all the popular blogs out there. Whether that saturation of puzzles was it or whether I was just lucky, I basically started creating out of nowhere. I never thought of creating up until that Heyawacky popped into my head, and no matter how easy that puzzle was, from then on it just followed one after the other. So I decided to start a blog, and wanted to challenge myself to be like Palmer (quantity-wise) when he first started blogging. And for a long time I did manage that daily update, no matter what. In fact, with 21 puzzles posted on my birthday, I shot ahead of that target.

When I started the blog, and set this target, I had no idea that my puzzles would be of a satisfying quality. To be very honest, the blog was just started to put my puzzles up, however crap, with the main aim being that this creating thing helps my solving side a bit. But with all the things happening this year, I can certainly say that I have indeed achieved a satisfactory level of quality as well. I first got that newspaper deal, and then a few other things, one after the other. As all of these came, it became more and more difficult to maintain this blog, and I think that is obvious from my recent frequency.

Now, the posting dates are really random. And I want to rectify that. I look to those other puzzle blogs again for a good idea. I’ll update on certain days of the week so you all know when to visit. For this however, I need to wait for a little more time and see how a few other puzzle related endeavors go.  I’ll be able to settle on something by November I think. Until then the posts here may continue to be random, and I can’t help that.

Authoring an LMI test, is something that I have greatly anticipated. I asked for a September slot really early in the year, just to give me a good amount of time to get myself well versed with creating puzzles in a competition format. I’d like to think that that was a good decision and I really hope it shows in the test. I find it fitting that I write this year’s summary on the day that Borders & Beyond starts.

There is 4 more days left in my break, so there will be no posts until the test gets over when I might write a summary.