Puzzle No. 98 : Norinori

Firstly, I have once again messed up a wonderful chance to get that number 1 in CTC. Palmer had a bit of a bad day, and I promptly had a bit of a bad day too. 😐 Ah well.

Even other than that, the weekend’s been bad. Oh so bad. Been getting more and more tired as its progressed, so at least I’m justified in my decision to take TVC XI on Friday itself even though I wasn’t in good shape then either(Still not an excuse for my performance being so bad though). I then lost Internet connection and my pen drive became corrupt at the same time causing me to lose some work!

Anyway, lets get away from the doom and gloom and get to the puzzle shall we?  I saw this genre first on Mathgrant’s blog and as such I’ve linked to the rules over there(He’s named it as Dominnocuous but since I have followed the original naming conventions till now…). Anyway, I quite liked the ones I solved on his blog. I then went to Mokuani’s blog, which for some reason I hadn’t come across till now. Quite a treasure trove there. There were a few more Norinoris there and again I liked it. So here’s one from me.

Rules for Norinori.

Rated : Maybe hard, since its a first timer on this blog I’m not really sure.

Solution here. Password – NN


Puzzle No. 98


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