Puzzle No. 108-110 : Trickari

1. I was feeling I owed something after yesterday’s weak idea.

2. I honestly didn’t know which to choose from these.

3. I had a slight bit more time on my hands.

Whatever the reasons, hope you enjoy at least one of these :-s

Akari Rules.

I suppose all are rated around easy.

Solutions here. Password : TT

Puzzle No. 108 :

Here, the clues are kept outside the clue cell. Each number needs to occupy at least 1 black cell adjacent to it. Rules are otherwise unchanged. The “=”s mean those 2 clues will occupy two different adjacent clue cells and both be the same number.

Puzzle No. 108












Puzzle No. 109 : 

Rules : Every number is wrong and will be replaced by another number to solve the Akari puzzle. Even numbers can only be replaced by odd numbers and vice versa. Zero is considered even.

Puzzle No. 109












Puzzle No. 110 

Similar to above, except here there are clusters of clue cells that have to switch places. There are certain letters and every clue cell they can reach(touch diagonally or orthogonally by traveling through numbered cells only) is part of that letter, and can switch with the symmetrical cluster twin of that letter. I know this is complicated, I goofed a bit. But what this means is, e.g. the T on top left reaches those 4 cells around it, and in these 4 every even cell must switch with any odd cell in the T at the bottom right, and vice versa. The “2” to the right of the “I” cannot be reached by the “C” since there is No numbered cell in between and so isn’t part of the C cluster. The switch needn’t be 1 to 1. X take Y’s place, Y can take Z’s place, Z can take X’s place and so on. Only restriction is the place changing should be between the cluster twins only.

Puzzle No. 110


4 comments on “Puzzle No. 108-110 : Trickari

    • Well I wasn’t aware of that. The third one can be more elegant than that IMO, I guess this is what happens to first time ideas where you’re not really sure how it’ll turn out. Can probably make better versions of it TBH.

  1. When i have a new idea,i usually would want to be sure about its potential,perhaps with the first two examples.This variation is not so simple,you would obviously have trouble making the best out of it.
    Fourth of my akari ideas is up now.

    • For this year, its not gonna be that way. I have a promise to keep 😛 I’ll just put up the first thing that comes to my mind on the day when I don’t have time to do anything better. So far, I’ve rarely ever had time. I’m hoping that changes come April/May, then I’ll really try making the best of it.

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