Puzzle No. 111 : Two-pa

I did say I’d have two puzzles up today didn’t I? 😉 Nah, just kidding, I’ll have another one up in 4-5 hours I think, possibly later, but surely by the end of the day.

Anyway, Follow regular Tapa rules.

This puzzle has 2 solutions. The same clues cannot have the same behavior in both solutions. In multiple digit clue cells, it can be similar, for example the “3” of a “3-1” clue can be placed the same way, but at least the “1” will have to be different then.  The uniqueness of this puzzle lies in the fact that you get exactly one solution for each set of behaviors for the clues. As such, I’ve provided 2 different grids for solving.

Rated : Easy-ish.

Solution here. Password – TP


Puzzle No. 111

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