Puzzle No. 112 : Yajisan Kazusan Invert-isan Clue-zusan [Worst title ever]

Right. 2nd puzzle of the day.

Btw, TVC XII this weekend. I may have well and truly screwed up chances of being 1st among Indians, but hey, some of the puzzles seem to have great potential and I look forward to a fun test.

IB and submission link for the test here.

Follow Yajisan Kazusan rules.

There’s one big difference. All the clues that are shaded MUST be true and all the clues that are unshaded MUST be false. The clue cell itself is not included in its clue-count. i.e. If there is a 3 pointing towards its right, for there to be three shaded cells to its right, this 3 must be shaded too. If its unshaded, there cannot be 3 shaded cells to its right.


Rated : Medium.

Solution here. Password – WT


Puzzle No. 112


2 comments on “Puzzle No. 112 : Yajisan Kazusan Invert-isan Clue-zusan [Worst title ever]

  1. If you’re going to invert something, just invert the word order and name it Kazusan Yajisan. Hopefully that doesn’t mean something weird in japanese though.
    I liked the puzzle. Took me a while to solve, but I’ve never been any good at these, all white cells have to be connected puzzle types (heyawake, hitori).

    • Ha ha, well, after all the other titles in this little series, I just felt I should add something of my own here too. Great that you liked it. Conversely, Heyawake, Yajisan Kazusan are 2 of my favorite types to create and Heyawake’s probably been the type where I’ve made most of my best ones. The YK diagonal vision was one of my favorites too.

      I don’t like hitori much either though, I might try Melon’s Out Of Sight instead sometime in the future.

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