Puzzle No. 107 : Heyasleep

Yes, week title, I know thats not even how Heyawake is pronounced. Its probably a week continuation of the inversion series too. The title, because I can’t think of anything else except sleep right now. The week<actually non-existent> idea, because I’m utterly disconnected in everything after something thats occurred today. Apologies.

Anyhow, I still think its a pretty good puzzle.

Follow Heyawake rules.

Clues show number of cells in the region that are NOT shaded. (was thinking of making it unshaded groups, you know like 1-3-1 means 3 separated unshaded regions within a room of those lengths, but as said above, I don’t feel up to it. Will probably try it later if people think thats a good idea though)

Rated : Medium.

Solution here. Password – HF


Puzzle No. 107

6 comments on “Puzzle No. 107 : Heyasleep

  1. I don’t see how this is any different from normal heyawake. Shaded and unshaded cells are complimentary, so when you know one, you also know the other.

    • Heh, read the stuff above. I know that. I have some other better ideas but didn’t feel like anything at all today. This was more of a “keep the inversion series going for no specific reason” post. I’ll have a good enough inversion variant tomorrow.

      While we’re on the topic though, what do you thinking about the unshaded groups thing I said above?

    • I’ll try to take you up on that one, come April. And yes, as I’ve already replied to Bram I agree with that. I think I delivered on the “I’ll have a good enough inversion variant tomorrow” part 😛

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