Non puzzle post – Random update

They say 111’s a superstitious number. It marks the first time I’ve had to give up a puzzle idea. Heh. Anyway, I’ll have two puzzles up sometime tomorrow as compensation. I could right now, but then I’ve barely caught a breath in the last few days.

Apparently I was misguided into giving an exam I wasn’t supposed to give, failed that one(thats the depression cause on the Heyasleep day), and then amidst the confusion found out I wasn’t supposed to give that one in the first place, and amidst more confusion, gave the actual exam I was supposed to give, and cleared that with 89 %.  Amidst still more confusion, I’ll have to give the 2nd exam of the series and fight for the right to give the 3rd one because I wasn’t supposed to give the one I failed in. Confusing? Thats the pure awesomeness of some of the stuff that happens to me. Its almost normal 😐

So yea, I’ll be taking some time off, watching some tv, playing some FIFA, and generally just goofing off for the next few hours before sleeping.

Cheers folks.


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