Puzzle No. 378 : Arrow Sudoku [Daily League]

Firstly, Mathgrant, someone who I personally have had limited interactions with, but have a lot of respect for as a fellow author in the puzzle community, has fallen into some tough times. If you are feeling generous and want to give back to the puzzle community in some way for all the puzzles you’ve enjoyed solving (and if you’re new to his blog, you’ll find many more there), I suggest reading that post I’ve linked to and seeing whether you can help out. Also, my best wishes to Mathgrant hoping things get back to normal.

Now to today’s post.575878_10100271196657134_1469977178_n

If anyone is interested in contributing to the league, just join our facebook group and notify us that you’d like to. Otherwise, you can just join in and solve the rest of the Sudokus by top quality authors, and also discuss techniques and such.

Today’s Sudoku is an Arrow Sudoku. I’ve wondered why Arrow Sudokus generally have many givens whereas Killer Sudokus generally have no givens. I suppose its to do with the fact that digits are more difficult to force into an Arrow Sudoku without crowding arrows and making things messy. In this one, I tried to reduce the givens as much as possible while trying to preserve symmetry and not make the arrows crowd in the grid.

Difficulty wise, like the Yajilin in my previous post, this is probably not particularly hard by WPC standards but I’ll keep the rating anyway. I still think it has a few tricks that’ll make anyone pause and think though.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, the number in a circle is the sum of the digits which are covered by its arrow. For circles with multiple arrows, apply the rule for each arrow separately.





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