Puzzle No. 418 : Domino Sudoku [Daily League]

Firstly, PDFs!

Week 27.

Week 28.

Today’s Sudoku is just an experiment, that I think is neither great nor bad. After last week’s challenge, this should be pretty easy.

Rules – Place a digit from 1-8 in each cell of the grid so that every row, column and thickly outlined 2×4 box contain the digits 1-8. Also, in each 2×4 box, there must be 4 distinct dominos (1×2 tiles). The distinctions are – Vertical+Odd, Horizontal+Odd, Vertical+Even, Horizontal+Even. In other words, there should be two dominos of each parity, one horizontal and one vertical.





4 comments on “Puzzle No. 418 : Domino Sudoku [Daily League]

  1. hi.. wow.. you have quite a collection here… i am really bad at sudoku but i always give it a try in the papers.. so m gonna start with some easy ones.

    Do you create your own sudoku? i mean.. that would be really awesome!

    gonna bookmark this blog. its a nice past time.. i have always loved puzzles.. maybe not sudoku!!

    • All the puzzles/Sudokus on this blog are handmade by me 🙂 Feel free to try any and if you have any doubts/queries, you can contact me easily using the details provided in “About the Blog” section.

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