Puzzle No. 417 : Tapa

I think I could settle into this Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule. Tuesday is a constant with the daily league, but I feel I’ve been letting down my other-puzzle-loving-readers a bit lately. Anyway, today’s Tapa is really hard. Even apart from the intended deduction, which takes a lot of staring, there’s a few tricky little steps there. It is another one of those reserve puzzles I was talking about that I’m gonna stop saving.

Also, I qualified from the Mumbai Round of the Times Sudoku Championship. They’ve written a bit about me, but I’m quite certain looking at it you would never guess that they took a long interview. The test itself was quite fun, as would be expected with LMI as the puzzle creators. Rohan finished in 27 minutes, me in 37 apparently. I had a horrid experience last year where I went out due to 2 mistakes (missing out on a hefty bonus along the way, pushing me from a probable 3rd to a 14th), so I spent a good chunk of that 37 minutes checking my answers, and at the end was quite relieved to qualify. Another highlight of the day for me was that so many eager participants were asking about ways to follow up in the rest of the year. So if any of you are looking here, you can see the About the blog section for ways to contact me with any doubts/queries.

Overall, a good experience, as it always is when meeting people with a common interest. I now look forward to the National finals, renewing my rivalry with Rohan ( 😉 ) and meeting and competing against Rishi in person for the first time, and also the other competitors (known as well as new).

To the puzzle!

Tapa rules. 

Rated – Hard.




By Prasanna Seshadri Posted in Hard, Tapa

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