Puzzle No. 468 : Skyscraper Sudoku [Daily League]

First, a note about PDFs of previous weeks. Christoph Seeliger of Germany has kindly taken up PDF responsibilities with slight changes to how Tom used to do it. I’ll start linking to the PDFs from week 47 onwards, but 37-46 are all on our Facebook group.

Remember that you can solve the puzzles from the League online on the Sudokucup Guest League page with a 24h delay.

I realize I posted a Skyscraper variant just 2 weeks ago, but this is mainly a “reject” from a set I provided. It is rejected for being too hard, or to be more accurate, requiring too much non-Sudoku logic. I agree with this assessment, and still think its a nice Sudoku to solve. So here. (Yeah, I’ve gotten into the habit of saying “so here” now)

Rules for SudokuAdditionally, each number in the grid represents the height of the skyscraper in each cell. The digits outside the grid indicate the number of skyscrapers seen from the corresponding direction.

Rated – Hard.





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