Puzzle No. 469, 470 : Regional Tapa, Regional Snake

I took a week long break from puzzle construction, which was a little “forced”. Now I’m starting again from tomorrow,  and I want to start fresh, so discarding all my “reserve” puzzles and starting new on everything, as I like to do after a break.

The Regional Tapa isn’t that difficult but the Snake is.

Rules –

P469 – Rules of Tapa. Additionally, a clue also indicates the length of shaded cell groups in its region (in the exact configuration as the clue). Some regions may not have clues and have no restrictions. A “?” can stand for any number, but the number(s) needs to be constant for the clue cell as well as the region it is in.

P470 – Find a snake in the grid whose body consists of horizontal and vertical segments. The snake’s body never touches itself, not even diagonally. The head and tail of the snake are not given. Numbers in each of the regions surrounded by thick lines denote the number of cells occupied by the snake in that region.







4 comments on “Puzzle No. 469, 470 : Regional Tapa, Regional Snake

  1. I actually found the Tapa to be harder than the snake. I had quite a lot of trouble with it until I realised that the shaded cells in the regions also had to be divided as the clues say (I thought the clues only told the total amount). Both were very fun, though.

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