Puzzle Ramayan – Loops


If there are some very very patient individuals who still keep tabs on this blog (and thanks for sticking around), I do plan to make it active again. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll start posting puzzles (I have too many other places to submit to these days), but there are some long overdue recaps for WSC-WPC 2015 which I plan to do, after which I’ll also review other contests which happen.

However, I expect all of this to happen only from April. The reason for this is I fell significantly behind schedule with my projects in 2015 for many different reasons, and I’ve been making ground in 2016 to get back to a position where I’m up to date with everything I’m doing. I estimate this to happen by the end of March, after which I’ll have more time for recaps and reviews.

The reason I’m posting this, other than acting as a random update, is to notify the readers about a Puzzle Contest happening this weekend on LMI. Its the 7th round of the ongoing series, Puzzle Ramayan. It is based on Loop puzzles, authored by me. We’ve targeted this tournament for newcomers and beginners, so in this round I’ve spent some time on the Instruction booklet and experimented with providing steps for solving the types appearing on the contest. We’re constantly looking at ways to encourage new solvers to participate, so if you’re new to puzzles and think this is a good way, let us know, by participating! 😉

Contest Submission page with Instruction booklet – http://logicmastersindia.com/PR/201602/

Forum discussion – http://logicmastersindia.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1236

F.A.Q. – http://logicmastersindia.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=381

I hope everyone participates and enjoys the contest!




Puzzle No. 477 : Liar Masyu

It lies!

Follow regular Masyu rules. In each row and column exactly one clue is false. Once proved false, a clue  can behave as anything except what it’s supposed to be (including remaining loop-less).

Rated – Medium. 




Puzzle No. 434 : Masyu

I confess, I totally forgot about my own blog schedule, and got this one out in a real hurry. As a result, its turned out really hard. I’ll keep it that way, even if it might border on guesswork. There’s a pattern to be found though, and using symmetry and some visualization, progress can be made, and after that, its fairly easy to finish up (since the pattern’s pretty big, that’s not surprising).

Rules for Masyu.

Rated – Hard.




Puzzle No. 419 : Masyu

Tomorrow is the National finals of the Times Sudoku Championship. The top 4 from each city can be seen here. Its gonna be nice to meet and compete against the other Sudoku enthusiasts of the country, with many new faces qualifying this time.

Today’s puzzle is a return to my favourite 13×13 size. Difficulty wise though, its easy enough. Its just got a few spots that push it to medium.

Masyu rules.

Rated – Medium-ish.