Non Puzzle Post : Jagran Championship, follow-up Interview

A little background can be seen here and here. Now, we have the interview they conducted with me after I helped with conducting the Lucknow Championship. Overall, it’s really good.

The link for it is but here’s an image below.

Dainik Jagran, Lucknow, Jan 30th

Dainik Jagran, Lucknow, Jan 30th, Page 21

So a gist for my foreign readers –

0) (the part in the middle) My birthday, place of birth, rankings in World Championships, educational qualifications, Dad’s name and job, Mom’s name and job, and that I had conducted one of Jagran’s events in Lucknow on Sunday.

1) They cover my childhood, and the list of things I tried and lost interest in as a kid before getting into puzzling.

2) My achievements, National Championships, rankings in World Championships, WPC author, and all that.

3) How I got into it, and when I was introduced into it (Rohan introduced me to LMI).

4) How I don’t feel cold and am allergic to the heat (yeah, this seems to fascinate people all the time).

5) That I see a future in Sudoku and Puzzles, and that there’s a big online community for all of this, and newcomers will feel more interested and inspired if they visit the sites and communicate with like-minded individuals, as opposed to solving alone at home and just considering Sudoku a one-off game.


7 comments on “Non Puzzle Post : Jagran Championship, follow-up Interview

  1. Hey, It was really nice meeting you, at the League…
    I enjoyed it, though, was not able to win, but, anyways, that was good experience.

    • Hi Mohit,

      I think you were the one who had the re-check thing done? It was nice to meet you too. Anyway, your scores were pretty good, please do visit our online site Logic Masters India to continue the experience with online contests πŸ™‚

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