Puzzle No. 453 : Regional Snake

I’m still a little busy, and its looking like that will continue through November. So, I’m just gonna post the puzzles I wrote for team practice before WPC, one by one. I will post write-ups too, somewhere in between all that. As of now, I’m mainly devoting about 5 minutes a day of my schedule to the write-ups, so I’ll fill them in little by little 😛

I decided to post the Regional Snake today. It has, quite literally (!) a narrow solve path. But I still think it uses the regions nicely.

Rules – (copied from the WPC Instruction Booklet, Serbian Round (R7)) Find a snake in the grid whose body consists of horizontal and vertical segments and its total length is 45 cells. The snake’s body never touches itself, not even diagonally. The head and tail of the snake are not given. Numbers in each of the regions surrounded by thick lines denote the number of cells occupied by the snake in that region.

Rated – Hard.





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