Puzzle No. 438 : Bosnian Road

Tapa Season (TVC, CTC) is past halfway and now getting really interesting at the top in both competitions. I’m really happy with my improvement this year from last year’s inconsistencies. Hoping to end well now. TVC XV is going on this weekend.

Nothing much to say about this puzzle. Just that I like the top opening, although its not that tricky to spot.


Rated – Medium.




2 comments on “Puzzle No. 438 : Bosnian Road

  1. I think this puzzle may be broken/incorrectly copied. There doesn’t seem to be any way to resolve the 2-4-2 pattern near the top centre, after taking all the other clues into account.

    • Since thats my intended break-in, I’m almost certain that you’ve probably misinterpreted the rules. Remember that a 4 does not mean that all the 4 cells visited by the loop need to be continuous (see the 4 in the linked rules page for example)

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