A few updates [Non-Puzzle Post]

Regular readers of this blog might be wondering why I haven’t gone back to my regular schedule like I said I would, and didn’t even post a Sudoku for the Daily League yesterday, instead asking someone else do so, after which Karel kindly stepped up.

My past week has been bad. First, my laptop starts crashing and I need to give it for servicing. The servicing has costed quite a lot, and I’ll be getting my laptop back tomorrow, maybe. Then, I fall ill. It started off with just little things and suddenly escalated yesterday, leaving me in quite a bad state. Its gone as quick as it came though, and today I’ve almost recovered, and its back to the little things. I’ve still decided to prolong my break (from everything) though, just to be safe. But, I’ll still be updating my PADE page because that takes minimal effort as far as actually creating the puzzle goes (the challenge is mainly in thinking up a link to that day’s theme), there’s some nice easy puzzles there.

I knew about PADE through Indiblogger and there is now Indian Blogger Awards that’s been organized by them. I’ve nominated this blog there, and if you want to say something about it, go right ahead.

Also, a few competitions have been announced. In chronological order,

The Times Sudoku Championship, in partnership with LMI, will be held across 4 cities, selecting 4 winners. The final 16 then compete in the finals and the 4 winners there will form the team representing India at the World Sudoku Championship 2013 in China.

The Indian Sudoku Championship, hosted solely by LMI, will be held online on 10th August, and will be used to decide the official Indian Sudoku Champion. The winners here can also opt to represent India at the World Sudoku Championship, in an individual capacity (unless the winners merge with those of TSC of course).

I hope to build on my IPC win with good finishes in both of these events. I also hope to get over my disappointment of not making the finals of the TSC last year…


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