An article published, a new initiative planned, and more [Non-Puzzle Post]

I’ll keep this short-ish, lest my readers have an overload of reading with all the pages I’ve just created.

So then, firstly, I’ve added anything I can think of about my personal life, plans, and what not, in a new About me page, because people told me its a good idea. *shrugs*

Secondly, I had an idea on how to puzzle-ify a photography contest. Go to the Photo A Day Experiment page to know more.

Thirdly, best for last and all that, I recently notified my employers, Life-365, about the Indian Puzzle Championship. They were interested in publishing an article, so I gave them some input. The resultant article is quite wonderfully done, and can be seen here –

A history of Indian Puzzle Championship

at the top of the sports page. Everything apart from the picture, the introduction, and the very last paragraph, is as I sent it. The picture, as many puzzlers will recognize, is the logo of Thomas Snyder’s LMI test, the 2011 Double Decathlon. I’m guessing that they googled images for puzzles and liked it and used it. It actually works out nicely as the photo gives a nice preview of what to expect. The other additions, the introduction and the conclusion, are also nice inclusions. The puzzlers that I gave a mention to are the 2012 IPC authors, Deb Mohanty, Serkan Yürekli,  Thomas Snyder and Palmer Mebane.

The newspaper has done a wonderful job of it I think, and it shows how nice an article looks when its not cut or edited and contains everything that I, the writer, tried to convey. Even though it is public domain, I believe that since I’m linking to them, I might as well say a few words about Life-365. This is a newspaper daily that I like even other than the puzzle-related enthusiasm it’s owners have, because it is based completely on positive messages. Its a refreshing read in contrast to all the negative news being published these days as it tries to cover as many “feel-good” stories as possible.

So thats that. What do you think about the article, readers? I’m very interested to know.


7 comments on “An article published, a new initiative planned, and more [Non-Puzzle Post]

  1. That article might have convinced me to try taking part in the IPC. I’m a terribly slow solver so I don’t expect anything, but i may as well try it for the fun of it 😀

    You don’t have to be Indian to participate, yes?

    • Of course, it is open to International players too. Its just that the Indian results will be considered in selecting the Indian team for the WPC. And its nice to see the article working like that.

  2. As a cohost of PADE, I think your idea of puzzle-ify our photo challenge was unique, interesting and exciting! Congratulations on your published article, I love solving puzzles every now and then, let’s see if i can give it a try.
    All the best to you!

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