Puzzle No. 408 : Domino Loop [UKPC Surplus]

In about 10 days, two National Championships shall be held, both online, both open to all International competitors as well. One of them is the Indian Puzzle Championship, where I will be participating for a place on the Indian team. The other is the UK Puzzle Championship. I plan to participate here, but can only solve 22 Puzzles out of the 26 in the set, because the other 4 are written by me. These include a Nurikabe, my first attempt at a Yosenabe, an attempt at making a snake variant based on Yajisan Kazusan-like logic, and a Corral. I had sent one more puzzle for this Championship, which was surplus to the requirement and took the most time for the testers, out of the 5.

Below is this puzzle. I don’t think its too difficult, but I’m not gonna listen to me, I’m used to types like these. Domino Loop is a type I introduced here a while ago, and was essentially a hybrid of Country Road and Norinori. For the puzzle below however, I decided to remove the Country Road restriction, making the rules simpler.

Rules – Shade in some cells such that every region has 2 shaded cells and every shaded cell has exactly one shaded cell orthogonally adjacent to it. Additionally, draw a loop passing through all the remaining cells.




2 comments on “Puzzle No. 408 : Domino Loop [UKPC Surplus]

  1. I solved the non-marathon Domino Loop for practice before this one. I liked both but having the Country Road restriction was more fun/different in my opinion. This felt like a regional Yajilin.

    • I see the resemblance. Well, I can easily go back to the Country Road restriction the next time. Country Road in itself is an example of a puzzle genre with two versions (Nikoli’s and Palmer’s), so its alright I guess. All part of experimenting. I’m glad you liked both 🙂

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