Puzzle No. 402-405 : Fillominos!

Update : Slight issues in Puzzle 403 and 404 fixed. Apologies.

Firstly, links!

This coming weekend, the 7th round of the 2013 WPF Sudoku Grand Prix, the Turkish Round, takes place on the Logic Masters India site. The weekend after that, the 8th round immediately follows. This is the Italian Round and it will also take place on the Logic Masters India site. The weekend after that, on July 7th to be exact, the Indian Puzzle Championship takes place, on, you guessed it, the Logic Masters India site.

On a more personal note now (And also concerning people in Chennai), my regular readers might remember about my and Rohan’s contribution to an event in Delhi recently. The same organizers, SportzConsult, are now organizing a similar event in Chennai, the Chennai Brain Games, in August. Just like last time, me and Rohan will be contributing, specifically for the Mental Math, Sudoku and Puzzle events. The Instruction booklets are already out essentially, and can be found on that link.

Now, to Fillominos! I went a little crazy with the genre trying to make a simple one without much implied-logic for the newspaper publishers, and miserably failing at that. In the end, I did manage to get one with the intended difficulty out, but I met these 4 along the way and they didn’t know where to go, so I told them about this place. Yeah, I talk to Fillominos now. Aannyywayyyy….

Fillomino Rules.










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