Puzzle No. 400 : Fillomino [No Rectangles] [Big]

Rules – Follow regular Fillomino rules. Additionally, none of the polyominoes can form a rectangle.

Solution to this puzzle can be found here. Password – NRFillo.

Wait, why am I posting 400 before I find 399? I thought I said I’d find 399! And why am I linking to the solution to this puzzle? What’s wrong with me?!

Heh. Whatever. Enjoy! Once you solve this, be sure to check the solution. You know… for tallying purposes.




2 comments on “Puzzle No. 400 : Fillomino [No Rectangles] [Big]

  1. [rot13]Avpr! Obgu gur bevtvany chmmyr naq gur uvqqra bar cebivqrq n arng fbyir. Gunaxf Cenfnaan sbe n irel rawblnoyr 400gu chmmyr, naq ybbxvat sbejneq sbe gur 500gu.[/rot13]

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