Puzzle No. 397 : Thermo-Killer Sudoku [Daily League]

First, PDFs!

Week 18.

Week 19.

Today’s Sudoku combines the increasing numbers logic of a Thermo Sudoku with the addition logic of a Killer Sudoku. It isn’t that difficult but you still need to get used to working with both together. I could perhaps have put a thermometer figure with a sum on the corner, but chose this layout for 2 reasons – Its easier to draw the image this way, and the fact that it enables having just normal Killer cages too.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, the number at the top left of a cage gives the sum of the numbers within the cage. Numbers cannot repeat within a cage. Also, in cages with a shaded cell, the numbers increase from the shaded cell to the ends of the cage.




One comment on “Puzzle No. 397 : Thermo-Killer Sudoku [Daily League]

  1. I’ll look much more often into your blog from now on, I love logic puzzles 🙂
    I’m just trying to build something similar, maybe you take look at my blog as well, I’d be happy about it 🙂

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