Puzzle No. 380 : Outside-Consecutive Sudoku [Daily League]

I’m in a bit of a hurry today.

Recently, there was a Cubic variant from Bastien having Consecutive clues but no converse. And then, there was the Skyscrapers Kropki on Deception  that abandoned the converse part of the rules. I like this for its simplicity and the fact that it makes things easier aesthetically. Since I’m in a hurry, today seemed to be the perfect day to try and see just how simple it makes things to construct a Sudoku without the converse consecutive rules. I also like how Outside rules can work with it.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, the digit outside must be placed in one of the first 3 cells in that direction. Also, if there is a dot in between 2 cells, those 2 cells must contain consecutive numbers. All dots are not given, so there is no converse rule.




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